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handmade dolls

inspiring creative play

We love to sew and create- one order at a time. Choose your fabrics and details and have something special made to order just for you. Whimsical or classic... matching dresses, or a doll that looks familiar... what will you dream up? When you shop handmade, you get quality items lovingly made to last- and your purchase directly supports our small family business. ♡

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Girls clothes

From pockets to hold tiny treasures, to the fun of a matching doll dress, girls love the details of our comfortable dresses!


baby doll accessories

Find the perfect accessories for your little mama or little papa. Baby dolls inspire so much creative play and allow children to build empathy and nurturing skills. Here you'll find handmade baby doll carriers, fuzzy doll diapers, and gift sets that are perfect for the new big brother or sister.

dress up

Inspire creative play with dress up clothes that are beautiful, well made, and comfortable enough for everyday use!

Doll Clothes

Doll clothes inspire imaginative play and add value to the dolls in your collection! Our doll clothes come in 3 sizes to fit a variety of dolls! With quality that a collector can appreciate, and construction that can stand up to a child's play, our doll dresses are something everyone can enjoy!


custom cloth dolls

There is something inviting and comforting about a doll made with a sweet expression and simple materials- and it becomes even more special when it is made with the features that you choose! These dolls are ready to tag along for adventures and everyday life!

whimsical cloth dolls

Pink hair, purple hair, green skin, or the look of a favorite character- these whimsical dolls are sure to delight children and collectors alike. Check out the shop for available dolls or request a custom order. What can you dream up?


Made just for you.


Handmade With Love

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